Payment, Shipping and Returns

Shipping Availability

  • MyPharmStoreOnline currently ships to all states except Alaska and Hawaii.


  • All prices are listed in US dollars

Order Processing and Shipping

  • Orders may split during the fulfillment process.  This may result in multiple shipments to the customer from one or more locations.

  • Orders that contain one or more hazmat item will be charged $28.50 per box that contains hazardous items

  • Shipping for most orders is FREE!                                   

Vaccines and Other Temperature Sensitive Items

  • Vaccines and other temperature sensitive items are shipped via Expedited shipping, Monday - Thursday

  • Orders placed for these items before 3:00 p.m. Central Time process and ship the same day, Monday - Thursday

  • The estimated delivery time for these items is next business day

Hazmat Items   

  • Hazmat items are designated, per box, as hazardous and are shipped via standard Ground, Monday - Friday

  • The estimated delivery time for hazmat items is 3-5 business days

All Other Items   

  • All other items are shipped via standard Ground, Monday - Friday

  • Orders placed for these items before 3:00 p.m. Central Time process and ship the same day, Monday - Friday

  • The estimated delivery time for these items is 3-5 business days

Credit and Debit Card Authorizations and Charges   

  • Credit or debit card authorizations are created at the time an order is placed and again if and when the order splits for fulfillment at one or more shipping locations.

  • Authorizations may exceed the total order amount.

  • Your veterinarian and MyPharmStoreOnline are not responsible for fees incurred due to such authorizations. 

  • The authorization window is dependent on the policies of your card's issuing bank, which may hold funds for up to 14 business days after billing or cancelation of your order.

  • Charges to credit or debit cards are applied when the order is invoiced and shipped.

Returns and Refunds                                            

Please contact your veterinarian within 30 days of your purchase to request a return or an exchange of product. 

When requesting a product return, refund or credit, please include the following information.

  1. Item name(s)

  2. The quantity of the item(s) to be returned, refunded or credited

  3. The reason for your return and or refund request

  4. The MyPharmStoreOnline invoice number

  5. The date of your purchase

Once your veterinary clinic receives your request, they will review it and inform you of their course of action.
Note: Products purchased from your veterinarian through MyPharmStoreOnline are subject to your veterinary clinic's specific refund/return policies. The MyPharmStoreOnline policies are subject to change at any time without notification.   
Updated - June 26, 2018